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Name:Legacy of Zenderael OOC comm
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Community description:Original Character Roleplaying Community

The advertisements for the MMORPG Legacy of Zenderael claimed, “The fantasy is real.” The developers had no idea just how true their tagline was (or did they?).

A strange and unlikely set of circumstances caused the fantasy world of Zenderael to be combined with the Earth. A new continent sits in the Pacific Ocean and it’s something out of this world. Monsters that resemble the unholy union of a crocodile and a bear prowl the countryside, while spell-slinging swordsmen, clerics able to heal the worst wounds, and assassins that can vanish into the shadows walk next to the everyday Earth people who ended up there. A number of cities across the globe found themselves relocated to Zenderael.

They’re there to stay, too. Zenderael’s gods haven’t taken well to all these changes. Modern firearms no longer work, while monsters in the seas and skies are destroying intercontinental travel.

People who played Legacy of Zenderael are finding things a little too familiar. The concepts and ideas they explored have come to life and some of their former characters have pointed questions for them -- or questions being asked with pointy objects. Zenderael’s natives are just as confused, too, especially as a few young people from Earth have ended up with both demigod-like powers and positions of authority over their world.

Someone sped along the merge of Zenderael and the Earth from the shadows of the both worlds. The group has a name, the Greycloaks, and a series of murders left in their wake. Unfortunately, almost no one knows who they are or what they really want.

The fantasy is real, and for the people on this new continent, there isn’t any way to escape it.





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