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Submitting an application
Post your completed application in the comments here, either as a series of comments or as a link.

Then e-mail the app to zenderael@gmail.com, with the character's name in the subjectline.

Yes, we want you to post them and e-mail them. The post is so that other players can see them, and the e-mail is so that the mods can easily organize and search without having to scour a bunch of comments.

Post a top-level comment with the character’s name in the subjectline. Please post the app from their character journal. This makes it easy on us as mods to update all the info and get your character invited to the comms.

Notes on apping
Because Zenderael and the Earth have merged, you can apply for characters who were native to Earth or to Zenderael. Characters from Earth need not have played the game, while characters from Zenderael can be player-made or native (essentially, they were NPCs when it was an MMORPG). You do not need to app a Zenderael character as the former alt of an Earth native, but you can do so. Please tell us if you do this.

We have two different apps because we have two types of appable characters.

Zenderael Native Characters
Earth Native Characters

Zenderael Native Characters

These characters originate from Zenderael, be it as formerly played characters or NPCs. While the vast majority of Zendereans were never played by someone, there are no restrictions on whether your character was formerly an NPC or alt. The merges may have caused them to go to Earth before the worlds finally combined. If this was the case, please let us know.

PBs for these characters can be real life actors or 2D/CGI.

Earth Native Characters

These are characters that originate from Earth. They may have played the game, or only become aware of Zenderael in a meaningful sense after it began noticeably (and disastrously) merging with the Earth. Since then, they have gained access to class powers by joining guilds, just like Zenderael natives. Characters from Earth could have been sent to Zenderael before.

PBs for these characters can be real life actors or 2D/CGI.

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Duncan Heimdall Jackson

[personal profile] inchesofevil 2011-11-28 08:01 am (UTC)(link)
Player info:
Name: The Guindo
Pronoun: he/his/him
E-Mail: theguindo@gmail.com
Other Contact: AIM: PianistOfRaielin; LJ: [livejournal.com profile] theguindo

Character Basics
Name: Duncan Heimdall Jackson
City: Fall City
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Biological Sex: Male
Birthdate: September 17th
Birthplace: Austin, Texas
PB: Tom Sturridge

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Brown hair, blue eyes
Height: 5'8"
Body Type: Skinny. Duncan is a weed.
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos and Location: He has a nice collection of scars obtained from unfortunate encounters with staircases, but most of them are standard wear-and-tear scars that aren't terribly noticeable. He does have a large scar along the outside of his left elbow where he needed stitches after a fall. No tattoos or piercings.

Clothing Style: Duncan dresses very simply. He's a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, with a collection of flannel shirts for long-sleeve weather. He does wear cowboy boots occasionally, but not often, because it marks him as obviously Texan. He's more often seen in black leather boots, because they're part of his biking ensemble.

When he needs to dress up, he has a charcoal suit and a handful of dress shirts and ties to choose from; the shirts are all standard white, but the ties are shades and patterns of red. All of his accessories--scarves, gloves, etc--tend toward red.

He has a full set of Personal Protective Equipment for his motorcycle, which he is commonly seen in: reinforced leather jacket, kevlar reinforced jeans, leather boots, full-face helmet, and gloves. In fact most of his jeans are the kevlar reinforced type and he doesn't wear plain denim unless he's sure he won't be hopping on his bike that day.
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Re: Duncan Heimdall Jackson

[personal profile] inchesofevil 2011-11-28 08:02 am (UTC)(link)
Duncan grew up on an emu farm just outside of Austin. His family has raised emus since before he was born, and he's come to have a healthy loathing of the things due to knowing more about them than anybody has any right to know. He was the oldest of seven children, and spent much of his childhood getting blamed whenever his siblings got into trouble. Because of the age differences (he was fifteen when the youngest was born), he has lots of experience with young children, and he's very good around them.

He's always been a nerd, and he got into RPing and MMOs in his early teens. He met his best friend, Lynea, through MMOs when he was fifteen. They hopped games with each other until finding Zenderael. After graduating high school, he went to college in Austin and earned a bachelors degree in genetics. He chose to go to grad school in Lynea's city, because getting to hang out with his BFF in real life on a regular basis sounded awesome.

Duncan is currently a year into his PhD in genetics. He interns at the university lab, where he's involved in some less than ethical experiments in the name of SCIENCE! It makes him feel a powerful sense of guilt around rats.

Tell me two important memories.
- When Duncan was fourteen, his paternal grandfather died. It was sudden and unexpected. Duncan had never been very close to him, but his father was an only child who had a great relationship with his dad. Duncan remembers being picked up early from school by his father, sitting in the car in the school parking lot, and listening to his father tell him the news. It was the first time he'd ever seen his father cry. He remembers feeling blank about his grandfather's death, but feeling guilty for not feeling anything because his father was so upset.

- When he was twenty, Duncan got into his first accident on his motorcycle. He was riding home from school and a car clipped the back of his bike when the driver changed lanes. The details are foggy, but he remembers picking himself up from the road and not being able to see because his visor was completely scratched up, and he remembers having trouble flipping it up and having to take the helmet off instead.

The aftermath itself was a blur. There was a cop, or something? Insurance information? He was relatively unharmed except for a few scrapes and bruises, but his bike was ruined, and he was too shaken to do much more than give single-word responses. While waiting for the tow truck, the first thing he did was call Lynea, distraught and panicked. He remembers the conversation with her more clearly than the accident itself. She was concerned, a little panicked herself, and kept him on the line until she was sure he was taken care of. The clearest memory in that call is when she asked if he'd called his parents yet, and he responded, "I can't tell my mom, she'll freak!"

Family members:
Mother, Father, and 6 siblings, all younger. Mom is the sort who runs a tight ship at home, calls once a week to make sure nobody's caught fire, sends care packages regularly, and whenever you come visit criticizes you for being too skinny and why don't you have another helping you need to eat more. She also loves Norse mythology, and all of her kids have middle names from it. Dad is the sort who thinks hard work and misery builds character, and that sitting on the back porch with a couple beers is the best way to bond.

Being the oldest meant Duncan was often responsible for watching his siblings, and often blamed when they got into trouble. It has led to some bitterness, though it's mostly concentrated between him and his only brother. Their childhood was a long struggle for dominance and they frequently flip between being on good terms and not speaking to each other. Duncan gets along well with all 5 of his sisters, however, and is fiercely protective of them.

Names & Ages: Duncan, 25; Melissa, 23; Steven, 21; Lilith, 19; Emilea, 16; Leslie, 13; Lorelei, 10.

Pets: None. (His family's emus and his motorcycle PROBABLY don't count.)

Re: Duncan Heimdall Jackson

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Re: Duncan Heimdall Jackson

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Re: Duncan Heimdall Jackson

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Marlene Reliace

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Ravindra Savarna

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Artemis Valkyr

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Jack Brampton aka Malachai

[identity profile] andlivefreely.livejournal.com 2011-11-29 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Captain Malachai (http://andlivefreely.livejournal.com/1148.html)

Malachai Dominga

[identity profile] giltededge.livejournal.com 2011-11-29 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Malachai Dominga
PB: Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood
Level: 100 [This is his main, his baby, the character he's played since shortly after the game opened]
Class: Spellsword
Build: Combat
Misc: Malachai is a lanky guy over six feet tall with long white hair, blue-green eyes that turned gold when he joined the Amber Eyes, and an interesting fashion sense. He wears thin-framed, golden glasses and dark and concealing uniform. He has a face that never looks old, despite his years in the Safta's military.

Malachai is a league leader. He considers this position very important, and acts as a mentor to the younger members of the league, especially to spellswords. He's ex-military, and has the hardening caused by many years of military combat. He enjoys casual friendships and relationships, prefering to put more energy into managing his league and ensuring the safety of its members over personal things. He holds council with his officers before taking action towards other members, and runs missions and training sessions on weekends.

He is very good at his role in combat, and in organizing coordinated attacks and defence. He prides himself on his ability to keep people alive and together, as well as in listening to the concerns of others. If someone isn't comfortable filling a role required, he'll listen to them, because it means they won't be as good at that role as is required. His council is very supportive, and he relies on them to help with league management and combat coordination.

His league, going by the name Days End, is a freelance mercenary group whose goals are to provide expert training for their members and ensure adequate job safety while providing a welcoming environment. They also feel that to be a good mercenary, one needs good gear, and will work towards that end with their members, finding the best gear possible for each individual member through jobs or manufacture. They take all sorts of jobs, and even take initiative at times to clear out a group that is harassing the neighbourhood, be it orcs, goblins, what have you, since those runs tend to offer some prize to the league in the way of whatever they can loot from the enemy's base, and work as good training excersizes for newer recruits.

Alt:Malachai Addendum

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PC:Malachai Addendum

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Rhys Elena

[identity profile] brokencrescendo.livejournal.com 2011-12-08 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
Player info:
Name: Yoiko
Pronoun: she/her
E-Mail: inkskies@gmail.com
Other Contact: n/a save IRC appearances (but feel free to email anytime)

Rhys Elena (http://brokencrescendo.livejournal.com/1109.html)

Rayu Barozu

[identity profile] justabard.livejournal.com 2011-12-08 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Rayu Barozu
PB: Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts) (Recolor)
Level: 70
Class: Hunter
Build: Support
Rayu is a willowy hunter with short, brown hair covering one eye. Always. He's a snappy dresser and never seen without a wide brimmed, feathered hat that also serves to shadow his face and obscure his expressions in the best of times. (He does not like it when other people touch this. Go away.) Rayu appears to be around late twenties to early thirties, age wise, but he'll rarely give you the same number twice. His movements are fluid and graceful, like that of a cat's.

It is important to Rayu that everyone understands a few key things about him: he doesn't like you, he doesn't care what happens to you, and he'd stab you in the back the second it was of any benefit to him.

In related news, absolutely none of those things are true.

Though outwardly cynical, Rayu is secretly ruled by a strong sense of idealism and hope he doesn't like admitting exist. Rayu forgoes honor on the claim of practicality, is sardonic in his interactions, and remains impudent in the face of authority. Yet he is suspiciously prone to random acts of charity. He would even take an arrow through the heart for you if it came down to it, and despite every effort on his part, he genuinely sympathizes and cares for those who get tangled in his life. Perhaps his supportive build would imply this, but Rayu tries play this off as him wanting to let everyone else go and get dirty while he stands safely in the back.

Almost every time Rayu is asked about himself, an entirely different lie falls out of his mouth, and often with clear and obvious contradictions with the last. Seriously, Rayu probably isn't even his real name. His lies are blatant to the point of being a joke. The only thing you can trust about Rayu is that you can never trust him... Except when you need him the most.

Despite his rough manner of speech, Rayu's voice turns silver when he sings. He claims to be a traveling bard, performing songs and stories in town, but utilizing his hunting skills on the road. Rayu denies interest in guild politics and any ambition beyond keeping stories from being forgotten, but he is a liar.


Gunnar Hydrik

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Alison Kelly Koch

[identity profile] wificafe.livejournal.com 2011-12-09 11:10 am (UTC)(link)
Alison Koch (http://wificafe.livejournal.com/profile)


[identity profile] deadlyhaste.livejournal.com 2011-12-09 11:17 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Anathema
PB: Astharoshe Asran from Trinity Blood
Level: 100 [She has a lot of time for gaming]
Class: Assassin
Build: Combat
Misc: Anathema is an assassin, right down to her bones. She kills people. And she doesn't care who it is. Even her friends aren't safe if the money's right or the guild sends her after them. However, on her own time she likes to toy with her prey, beating them to near death and then leaving them to crawl home. Repeatedly, if possible. It's fun.

She likes to create chaos. She will organize an assault on a raid group or training group just to wreak havoc, slaying half and leaving half alive. She is an anathema. People learn to hate her, despise her, want revenge. She enjoys causing such feelings, and yet, she has managed to earn mercy from some of the overly goody types. Only to turn around and stab them in the back, chortling gleefully as she scampers off into the sunset.

She isn't the sort to have many friends, at least none that last long.

White tresses drape down around her pale face, a lock of blood red at her brow, her hair flowing down to near her ankles. Red lines her eyes and tints her lips and brows. She wears frills and decorative yet functional armor and slays with a flourish, favouring dual blades. She wears a lot of blue.

Irena Rose

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Irena Addendum

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Ria Redman

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Hamideh “Amy” Al-Wahhab

[identity profile] slothica.livejournal.com 2011-12-12 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
Hamideh “Amy” Al-Wahhab (http://slothica.livejournal.com/610.html)


[identity profile] bytheforceof.livejournal.com 2011-12-12 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Arkaidy
PB: Koudelka (manga)
Level: 100
Class: Spellsword
Build: Disrupt

Arkaidy is Amy Al-Wahhab’s first and ostensibly favorite character in Zenderael. She is primarily a PvP character, who makes her claim to fame by spending a lot of time hunting down high-profile characters (or their friends) on her server and then trolling their leagues about it. She is not nice, and if she gets a kick out of someone’s reaction to being killed she might even continue to hunt down the same person for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Arkaidy is a typical example of why some players might think a Spellsword is overpowered – she has a lot of the best gear and admittedly Amy is a superior player in the class. Some might be aggravated that she doesn’t typically RP with her victims, and if she even talks to them it’s usually to berate them for being a terrible player or for being weak.

On the other hand, Amy has thought up an extensive background for Arkaidy. Here’s a short summary, with most the melodrama removed for the sake of brevity:

Arkaidy was born to a camp of very religious but very ruthless raiders. They traveled the desert, incredibly insular and attacking passing caravans in order to take their supplies. Eventually, this group of raiders was attacked by a band of mercenaries who had been hired in order to stop their frequent and brutal attacks – many of the camp was murdered, but the still-Arkaidy survived and was taken in by one of the mercenaries hired to do the job.

She grew up, silent and secretly resentful. She knew who had destroyed her family, and who had scattered the remaining survivors to the wind. She eventually joined the Spellswords in an effort to become strong enough to eventually hunt down and murder each of the mercenaries of the original attack and all their loved ones. She did her two years, and enjoyed the power granted to her as a soldier above the military of Safta and has become obsessed with preying on others.

She is currently on leave, practicing her deadly talents for her final mission.

From Arkaidy’s RP Tag:

“♥ I’m here to kill you ♥”

Penna Mentel

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[personal profile] senecio 2011-12-12 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Nayan
PB: Tachibana no Tomomasa (Harukanaru toki no naka de)
Level: 43
Class: Rogue
Build: Combat
Misc: In the Holy Country, a young man grew up having various aspects of religion drilled into his brain. The problem was that the young man didn't have the love for it that his family did and he had more of a penchant for getting into trouble, his own way of rebelling against them. His brothers and sisters went on to become clerics or paladins, but when it came time for him to make his choice as to which of the two guilds he would join, the man fled to the Wild Country instead. At that point, he discarded every tie he had to his old life, grew out his hair and took the name Nayan in place of his old one. He tries to keep himself on the rogue guild's good side, but only while maintaining the most minimal ties to it that he can get away with. For him, it's easier to play all sides of the fence.

Nayan himself doesn't exactly give off the vibe that one might expect from a rogue. Ever armed with a smile (unless you neglect to pay him, of course; you don't get something for nothing), he goes out of his way to make people want to like him and trust him, more so he can get access to your secrets and sell them to the highest bidder later. He prefers to deal in information rather than goods, although he does maintain a healthy stock of things to sell to everyone else so people don't realize his real trade. All in all, he's a fairly likable man, unless you decide you want to try to take things from him without paying first. If you do, the smile goes away, and, when it does, all bets are off.

From an OOC standpoint, however, this is the second incarnation of this character. The first incarnation is on another server entirely. Sadly, Gabriel can't afford a server transfer, so he's been rebuilding his original main from the ground up.

Edward Montgomery Virgil

[identity profile] sashaand.livejournal.com 2011-12-12 06:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Player info:
Name: Jesse Snavlin
Pronoun: She
E-Mail: shadow.apple@gmail.com
Other Contact: zenderael@gmail.com; jessezaizher - aim.

Character Basics
Name: Edward Montgomery Virgil
City: Fall City, USA
Age: 26
Gender: Female (bordering on Androgyny/bigendered)
Biological Sex: Female
Birthdate: March 3rd, 2024
Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts
PB: Carrey Mulligan

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
Height: 5' 2" and some change.
Body Type: Mousy, lacking curves, but with a sizeable ass and a bit of hip. She's never been more than a bill soaking wet until just recently, when crossing 25 and being sedentary a lot lead to the development of her first real curve. Edward could not be more thrilled to buy a Size 2 Jean.
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos/Piercings and Location: She has a tattoo of a G clef and music notes all the way up around her left arm, ending with the notes that make a crescendo across her collar bone. She has an appendix scar, along with the scars from her previous relationship all the way up her back and down her calves. Two ear piercings, normal, dot-types; one piercing for the tongue that no one notices anyway.
Clothing Style: http://localnumber69.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/hipster-fashion-252x300.jpg

Edward does like to dress up in ties, vests, suspenders, you name it, she's got it. Matt Smith in Dr. Who wears a lot of clothing like she does, too:


Sad, but true. She will wear more feminine clothing, but she likes to rock the androgyny because she's got the disposable income to do so.

Summary: Edward began life timid and has only become the moreso. Named as a way to assure her gender neutrality, her parents, both successful engineering instructors at MIT, were very occupied by their studies and disappointed in a child who was not scientifically inclined. She spent most of her time alone, an only child, driven to distract herself from the mundanity of her day-to-day existence with whatever toys her wealthy parents would afford her. Most of her youth this meant begging and pleading until an instrument would be placed in her hands. First the Viola; then the Guitar; then the Double-Bass; then the keyboard, the drums... by the time she was sixteen she had mastered six instruments, and was pre-accepted into a specialty arts college on grants.

You'll note the lack of detail in that passage. That's because there wasn't much detail to be had. Edward was average in high school. She was kissed once by a boy as she left the music room only so he could laugh with his friends about taking "Edwardina's" first kiss. There wasn't a bunch of bullying from her perspective, other than the nickname, and she went home, practiced, went to the concerts, did amazing, went home, practiced... she composed, sometimes... worked on her singing voice...

The moment she was allowed a laptop (when it proved impossible to succeed in school anymore without one) she was online, playing games, roleplaying. She began developing a strict internet identity, one twice as authentic, shy, neglected, and without the confidence to speak her mind. She's now an expert roleplayer, and moved into Zenderael as one of the first beta-testers.

Alt App: Go And

[identity profile] berserkbitch.livejournal.com 2011-12-12 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Go And
PB: Integra Hellsing
Level: 82 (and swiftly rising)
Class: Berserker
Build: Defense
Misc: Go began life as a rough and tumble girl in a world full of snakes. There was a time when one could say Go had optimism, but beauty had defiled any chance she had at being safe in a world like Zenderael. Her parents, both Alchemists, had sought to make her an educated woman, but by the time she was ten education had determinedly lost its light on Go.

It began at six. One of those children that's too-pretty, almost sickeningly saccarine, she was hit on by a twenty-year old man. He didn't go far, didn't touch her, didn't snipe at her; but the inappropriateness of her comments still left a naturally angry Go feeling uneasy. She began cussing at older men with the vulgar words he'd whispered to her in the corner of that room in Safta, and her behavior lead to much shame on both of her parents.

She continued to grow into an angrier and angrier woman. As she aged, she took pride in telling off those who would oggle her breasts or hope for the armor that never seemed designed to be useful for a woman's body to slip. Then, when one took it too far, when that asshole tried to touch her?

Well. She cut him.


From then on, Go was a Berserker, and packed her bags for Pakerion.

App: Eli Vinyl

[identity profile] elivynil.livejournal.com 2011-12-13 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
Player info:
Name: Dan Schkade
Pronoun: He
E-Mail: danschkade@earthlink.net
Other Contact: AIM: danschkade@earthlink.net

Character Basics
Name: Eli Vinyl
City: Underwood
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Biological Sex: Male
Birthdate: June 2nd, 2019
Birthplace: North Fall City
PB: Matt Smith? Matt Smith. With a team of hairdressers making his hair less awesome.

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Earthy brown / ivy stem brown.
Height: 6'
Body Type: Slim, well-proportioned but untoned.
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos/Piercings and Location: Faint scar on the side of his left hand, wouldn't notice it if you weren't looking for it.
Clothing Style: Dark jeans/slacks with fitted skinny-guy button-downs he buys with gift cards. Shoes that were nice when he bought him, two years back. Black socks, lots of black socks, but still has a pair of green wool socks someone gave him he wears when it's cold.

Summary: Eli Vinyl was born to Robert Ketner and Jodie Vinyl, the only child of their three-year union. Ketner, a patent attorney, would be present in his son's life in the form of a monthly child support check and an appearance at his middle school graduation. Raised by his mother in a series of north Fall City apartments, the pre-pubescent Eli participated in the junior soccer league (for one season), took Akido classes (topping off at the purple belt), and attended the tuesday night Catholic study group (until his mother asked him if he wanted to keep going and he said no, which she thought was just fine). In fourth grade, he won an annual school-wide T-shirt design contest, defying all expectations that the winner would once again be a fifth grade student. You might not think this matters and it probably doesn't, but it still stands as the greatest acclaim Eli has ever won for doing anything ever.

High school was two years of subpar academic performance and ham-fisted interpersonal fumbling followed by two more of modest social acceptance owing to an innate talent for raising or lowering his vocabulary to the precise level at which the person he'd be talking with would feel the most comfortable and a harmless sense of humor. Academics wouldn't improve any, though. He hung out with the journalism kids and drew editorial cartoons for the school website, but he made his closest group of friends through a shared interest in pulp literature. He dabbled in their table-top role-playing games, but self-consciousness kept him for getting too into it. He lost his virginity to his senior year girlfriend in the guest room of a friend's house while his eighteenth birthday party carried on downstairs. He immediately regretted this, but what can you do.

Being eighteen, he and his mother stopped receiving the monthly visits from his father's money. Eli's girlfriend went on to college, while Eli and his mother moved into a single-story in Underwood. The long-distance thing happened for about three weeks until they both agreed, in a conversation consisting mostly of the words "y'know" and "yeah," to break up and remain facebook friends.

The first half of his 20's was Retail jobs, sometimes overlapping, and thinking about going back for the last two pre-req years of high school. "Thinking about it," as if that were some kind of verb. He and his mother, by now working steadily as a desk clerk at the monorail station, fell into a comfortable domestic rhythm, made possible by a shared sense of humor and a willingness to not talk realistically about the future. Then Jodie started seeing a commuter (commuting to a six-figure job in the city) and in ten or so months she moved in with him in Fall City. Downtown Fall City. Eli thought this fine, as he does most things, and they set him up with a small nest egg to finally get his own life started.

Theresa Hargrave

[identity profile] deselfing.livejournal.com 2011-12-13 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
Awww yeah gurl. (http://deselfing.livejournal.com/770.html)

Alt App: Reilanin

[identity profile] viharomtavaszom.livejournal.com 2011-12-14 08:59 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Reilanin
PB: Sarah, Suikoden III (manga, game intro and offical card art)
Level: 89
Class: Mage
Build: Ranged Combat, super DPS fun-times
RP? NPC? RP, sort of. More of a self-insert that's begun RPing because she was pulled in by other players throughout her two years playing the game.
Misc: Reilanin is a mage that spends most of her time in the World Library researching magic and how to manipulate it. People come to her requesting her aid as a party member in dungeons and quest completions. Her backstory is by and large unknown. It seems as though she has no past since she became a mage, as though she hadn't even existed before she came through "the rift". Some in the Nenakret call her mad, which is what most mages are called to some degree, but it seems to be spoken of differently in reference to her.

She is sought after by some because she is a powerful and reliable mage, always found at the same times in the same places, and she is without a league. She's never even considered joining a league, and flatly turns down anyone who asks.

Looks-wise, Reilanin is a too-slender woman with white hair and an expressionless face. She wears a light-coloured tunic with wide, dark blue skirts and a light blue smock overtop with a diamond shape falling over the front of the skirt. She wears soft dark leather boots and keeps her forelocks pulled back with an ornate hairpiece (all of these part of her armour). Her weapon is a two-handed ebony staff, sturdy and hard to break but used primarily as a focus for her magic. It has an ice enchantment on it, so the diamond embedded at the top of it tends to constantly smoke with cold.

Many mistake her for an NPC due to her simple dialogue and her seeming lack of purpose in the game, and it's usually when people bump into her soloing in dungeons or out in the fields farming items and killing mobs that they realize she's a character. She's very to the point and decisive and lacking in personality for the most part, but there have been glimpses of what some would call joy in the midst of a fierce battle.


Alt App: Redival Kirrahe

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Alt App: Ashtaroth Selah

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Re: Accepted!

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Jordan Hayes

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if you think this is tl;dr, wait until her alt comes in (http://cloverstone.livejournal.com/1502.html)

Yonca Ulle

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Aleissa Saunders

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Mmhm, aw yeah. (http://cool-monsoon.livejournal.com/556.html)

Alt App: Tristan

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Name: Tristan
PB: Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa
Level: 14
Class: Rogue
Build: Combat (dual-wielding knives)
Misc: Tristan grew up in and still comes back to Enghelab. He was an orphan there, taken forcibly into a gang and was told to make himself useful or find himself dead. This led very early on to a life of casual crime, cutting purses and delivering missives to and fro between gang members. He got into some trouble when he was caught skimming from the top and he had to make a break for it. Oh, he was found, but not by the person he thought would find him.

It was a member of the rogue guild proper, who had an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of Enghelab, and none of his work had gone unnoticed. Seeing potential in the boy, maybe even wanting to see how long he'd last, he brought Tristan into the guild, charmed by the boy's forthright and unrepentent nature. Figuring his fingers would better serve them by adding to their funds and infamy than rolling in the gutters someplace, he presented the boy to Vairya (whom Tristan has an undying crush on now) and got him not only a job similar to the one he had, but also protection should any of the other gangs try to mess with him again. And the promise the same threat would become real if he was caught doing the same to them. As of the moment he's low-ranking in the guild, but he's making his way through the ranks.

At the age of 17, Tristan is short (standing only 5'3"), but extremely energetic, and can climb buildings and scale walls like a champ. He has long blonde hair that's always pulled back and scars, bruises and cuts everywhere, along with dirt and blood now and then. His eyes are a light brown, and his face can usually be seen with a cocky grin on it. He's mouthy and rude with the speed to let him get away with it. He doesn't hit very hard, but he can hit multiple times before most others can get a single hit in. (Granted they're at his level.)

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Alt App: Rasmus

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Lindsey Valeria Stern

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Look Who's finally done! (http://whatdoesdequal.livejournal.com/1203.html)

Also, icons will be switched very soon. Just wanted to post this and get it done. :x

Non-RP Alt-App: Lynea

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Name: Lynea
PB: Cirucci from Bleach
Level: 100
Class: Assassin
Build: Combat (Whip sword or dual knives)
RP? NPC? Currently a non-RP
Misc: This is Lindsey's favorite and Main Character she plays on Zendrael. She's played this character since release and has spent a ridiculous amount of hours into finding gear and optimizing her. While she do a lot of raids with her, she's tends get a little kick out of taking care of over-enthusiastic PVPers. There's even a small fascination in trying to find new ways in dropping character combatants. After many years coming up with an idea and scouring the game for all the components, she finally created her most favorite PVP weapon: A specially tooled Whip sword.

In Zen, Whip swords are generally considered mediocre if underpowered weapons. The benefit of a whip sword is that it's one of the few weapons that create combo hits on their own, with each 'tooth' dealing their own separate damage and are all followed by the point of the sword which deals more than the teeth. There's even the benefit that each part of the whip sword has their own separate minor modification slot. The problem with whip swords however and you will find posts of their uselessness frequently on the forums, is that they have significant limits for little reward. First issue is namely the damage. Each 'tooth' deals very little damage with the point of the whip sword only doing enough damage most weapons of its class use as a minimum damage ratio The attack speed is also an issue, which only ends after the combo finishes, making the thing slow for the damage it deals.

Lindsey however, has spent A MILLION MILES of grinding game time to find exactly the right mods to add to a whip sword. She even went so far as spent a fortune of IG money toward getting a few of the mods she couldn't find on her own. What came out of it though, is certainly something quite unbelievable.

While her whip sword does the same amount of damage as any, Lindsey has added mods that each have a modest chance (around 15-27 percent) to inflict Stun on top of several debuffs. All teeth (8 in total) has a enough variety of defensive debuffs to cover most bases, with the 'point' having having no debuffs at all but focuses entirely on the chance (Around 60%) to cause a critical hit.

This makes the weapon ridiculous in PVP, shocking many who expect to get an easy win and if hit by it, are likely to find their character stunned in place, weakened and then smacked with a heavy hit...if Lynea doesn't have bad luck.

As a downside, It's only decent in PVE due to monsters often having weird, non-character stats and makes her a target if attacked by more than one monster due to the slow attack speed.

If she MISSES her attack, well then the reliance on mostly offense makes her squishy, even by assassin standards. Her only real defense towards this is an amulet she managed to find as raid loot that negates the first attack dealt to her. Again, great for PVP, not much worth anything in PVE.
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ZHU Lei Wan

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Player info:
Name: The Guindo
Pronoun: he/his/him
E-Mail: theguindo@gmail.com
Other Contact: AIM: PianistOfRaielin; lj: [personal profile] theguindo

Character Basics
Name: ZHU Lei Wan
City: Underwood
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Biological Sex: Female
Birthdate: June 5
Birthplace: Fall City
PB: Charlene Choi

And the rest can be found here!
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Name: Majestica
PB: Bayonetta, from Bayonetta
Level: 27
Class: Mage
Build: Combat
Misc: Majestica is eeeeeeeeevil. Because she's half-demon, you see. That means she does bad things and likes it.

However, LeiLei is really awful at playing a consistent character with any amount of depth, so really Majestica is just kind of a huge jerk and even that is widlly inconsistent. LeiLei also has no understanding of what makes a villain scary, so Majestica doesn't even manage puppy-kicking levels of mean. Really, if you had to classify her, she's more that one Chaotic Neutral character that the player uses to just do whatever they want without care for the consequences.

She is a half-demon with a twin sister named Gloria who is half-angel. Don't ask how it works. MAGIC is the answer. You'd think this would make them enemies, but nope. Neither of their players really put any gravitas into that dichotomy, and they play the sisters as friends despite Majestica supposedly being ~*evil*~.

LeiLei plays her rather often, but she's still low level because most of what she does is run around bothering people in RP and die exploring the world. She doesn't level much and she doesn't care about playing the game the "right" way. That's okay. She can't hear you over all the fun she's having.
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Missie Eir Jackson

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Player info:
Name: Yoiko
Pronoun: she/her
E-Mail: inkskies@gmail.com

So this happened.

Alt will come sometime tomorrow.
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Iravati Savarna

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Oops this was not tomorrow!

Name: Iravati Savarna
PB: Michiko Malandro (Michiko to Hatchin)
Level: 5
Class: Assassin
Build: Disrupt
After Iravati's brother, Ravindra, ran away from home, Iravati was left to take up the family honor of being the next in a long line of assassins. This inheritance came with a life of harsh training from an overbearing father (to put it mildly), and left Iravati feeling abandoned by the one friend she had in her otherwise isolated childhood.

A willful, fiery spirit longing for rebellion hid under the surface, and once Iravati found her way into the assassin's guild and won an ounce of freedom, it broke loose. Iravati does what she wants when she wants. She's a glutton for simple pleasures: good food and long naps. For the most part, the guild is willing to forgive her thanks to her skills and her family's reputation, not to mention a bit of charm on the side. Tolerating her is worth it. Probably.

She doesn't play well with others, having no fear of telling people exactly how she feels about them. She prides herself in self-sufficiency and independence-- actually, she prides herself in everything-- but is also an opportunist. Hey, if you offer to help, she's not going to say no, and people are their own kind of resource to use.

Missie herself is still new to RP and Zen in general, but she knows how to be a little sister! ... In this case a terrible, awful little sister, but, well, she kind of enjoys the uncensored confidence and snappiness that come with Iravati. It's just pretend, so it's okay!
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Name: Gloria
PB: Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile
Level: 27
Class: Cleric
Build: Combat/Support hybrid
Misc: Gloria is divinely beautiful and perfect in every way. While her twin sister is Evil, Gloria showers the land with her gorgeous aura of beautiful good.

Claudia plays Gloria like a sizable portion of early Rpers roleplay in the first few years. that is to say she will make-up for in lack of experience through increasing the word count significantly. It's really hard to say whether or not Claudia is a consistent character. Especially since not very many can read through the several paragraph tags she makes, all of them littered with various synonyms that have no reason to be in there. The background on her profile alone is a record four pages in length, which are just as bad if not worse in thesarus-abuse, random tragedies, and what seems to be minute-by-minute detail of Gloria's life so far.

To reduce Gloria's story, Gloria is the half-angel twin to the half-demon Majestica. How that exactly works is a long, long story and even then isn't really explained in Gloria's background. While they should be bitter enemies, instead Gloria and Majestica love each other like any sibling would. Claudia prefers never to really play it up this detail much, and instead just tends to think Majestica as a friend, even if her friend is down right evil

This is Claudia's main, which makes it puzzling as to why her character is so low. Well, it's because she chooses to explore rather than go on quests and usually dies in a much higher level zone than she should be in. If she isn't exploring, she's usually at some local bar, fluttering over to tell her epic and mesmerizing history in full detail to whoever is available to listen.
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Anais Vallinar

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Name: Anais Vallinar
PB: Mary Spencer; Trinity Blood
Level: 100 [this is her only character and her baby; Eileen's been playing her for years]
Class: Paladin
Build: Combat
Misc: Anais knew with absolute certainty that she wanted to be a cleric. She was born to it, a daughter of Bastan, with two parents dedicated to the service in differing capacities. She, however, was closer to her father, a cleric, and was completely crushed the day her mother returned from a venture only to tell her that her husband had been killed in the process. Unable to grasp the concept that everything they tried everything they could to ensure they both survived, Anais found herself crushed and changing her path, choosing to become a paladin when the time came for her to choose a guild.

In her time with the guild, Anais developed a reputation for being strict and a bit on the colder side. She's single-minded when her goals are set and heaven help you if you try to distract her from them. This didn't change once she became a full member of the guild, however. In fact, some people are convinced she only got worse as time went on.

Although Anais knows the characters of the people involved with the LARP she's part of, Eileen's made certain to keep Zen's version of Anais separate from the LARP one. She doesn't want the canons to get mixed up.
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Harriet Webster

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Player info:
Name: Hibi
Pronoun: she/her
E-Mail: jacqueline.bowen@gmail.com
Other Contact: AIM: Cowfall

Character Basics
Name: Harriet Webster
City: Fall City
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Biological Sex: Female
Birthdate: April 15
Birthplace: Seattle
PB: Kaya Scolelario

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Brown hair, blue eyes
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Not particularly broad or thin. Lacking in curves but with a figure that is boxy, rather than boyish.
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos/Piercings and Location: None
Clothing Style: She considers herself too cool for capes and too awkward for skirts, so she usually wears long, fluttery dusters and unreasonably tall chunky-heeled boots along with jeans and unimaginative blouses. At some point she decided that she must Conquer Fashion, and can occasionally be glimpsed in something like glittery pants or a large, conspicuous scarf. She wears costume jewelry and sometimes a mood ring.


Harriet is the only child in a pleasant, low key family. Her parents learned when she was young that she had slightly-higher-than-average intelligence and were told she might benefit from a hands-off approach, and this is just what they did with her. Her ego bolstered by a notion of specialness, she was convinced that she must have some grand calling in life, and in the relative silence and freedom that her parents gave her, she attempted to figure out what it was.

She tried on numerous sports, hating all of them for diverse and creative reasons. She tried various hobbies and hated almost all of them, gravitating toward the arts -- not because she was especially good at them, but because she thought that pictures and stories and music and dance and so forth would be sure to produce the most glamorous result if she ever found success with them. Unfortunately, the road to "artistic success" is paved with goofy, embarassing results, which punctured her ego and produced a palpable dissappointment with the world, but never fully dissuaded her.

Her attitude of impatience and superiority created a certain alienation from her peers, but early on she made friends with an oh-so-cool girl with creative interests, who ultimately got her into games, anime, and roleplaying. Though her friend enjoyed games as one hobby among a range of diverse interests, Harriet wound up deeply immersed in them at the exclusion of most other common pursuits, as they allowed her to run with all sorts of unlikely identities without ever committing to them or having to earn them.

Her friend ultimately transferred into private school, quitting games altogether and closing the door on that part of her life, leading Harriet to feel she had somehow been lured into a weird life that no one else shared, and abandoned there. Now, rather than reaching out to other geeks, she mostly tries to avoid them, unable to gauge how they'd respond to her specific brand of weird. She makes a wary exception for people she actually met through RP.

Contrary to expectations, she showed no particular talent or interest in any practical subject in school, managing a smattering of A's, B's, and C's in a combination of advanced, regular, and slow-track classes. Now, as she approaches adulthood, the need to finally commit to some real-life track is looming, and she seems unprepared for any of the standard roads in life. Her response to this challenge is to ignore it and play.

Tell me two important memories.

NOT BEING CHOSEN FOR THE LEAD OF THE PUPPET SHOW IN FIFTH GRADE. No, seriously, listen. She built half of those puppets over the summer, and all she wanted for her hard work and conspicuous involvement was to get to play the voice of the princess. Was that asking too much? No! But instead, her jerk art teacher made her the voice of three villains, a witch, a troll, and a talking tree, and expected her to feel grateful that she got so many roles. But none of them were pretty roles, they were all goofy and stupid. To this day, she thinks she rocked them, however.

During a seventh grade softball game, she determined early on that the pitcher was awful, and concluded that she could therefore ensure maximum returns for her team if she simply stepped out of the way of every pitch and refused to swing the bat, because she could reasonably expect to be walked. Feeling that she had very cleverly hacked the game of softball, she proceeded with this strategy with approximately 75% success. However, it proved strangely unacceptable to the adults on the sidelines, who ultimately pressured her to swing, because, apparently, it was better to try and fail than never to try at all. So she held her ground, swung the bat, and the ball hit her directly in the face. She has yet to forgive the universe.

Family members: Mother, Father, two aunts on the mother's side, and an aunt and uncle on the father's side. Three cousins of approximately the same age as Harriet. All the afforementioned aunts and uncles are married.

Her mother is the assistant manager at a department store, after holding jobs in various places around town throughout her life and getting to know basically everyone in a hundred mile radius, as far as Harriet can tell. She is whimsical, funny in an eccentric sort of way, and chill.

Her dad is an accountant. He is grim but snarky, specializing in pointing out the world's faults.

Their only consistently applied expectations of Harriet are that she hold a job in the summertime, maintain a C average in school, and everything that comes out of her mouth needs to have a punchline.

Pets: A tiny black kitty that is full grown that her parents named Sophia. Harriet likes the cat but is incensed that it has a more appealing name than she does.

Also, the most ridiculous dog in the world (in Harriet's opinion) a papillion named Bill that thinks it is the emperor of her house. Harriet calls it William, to give it some extra dignity, but it isn't short for William. If asked, her mother would reveal that it is short for "Billy."

Character Details
Favorite Food? Sushi. One feels so ~cool~ eating it, and there is an element of skill and fluency required to be good at ordering and eating it that appeals to her. However, she always stumbles over the menu and doesn't actually sound natural trying to pronounce the names of the fish at all. She's good with the chopsticks, though.

Favorite Color? If you asked her, she would have a lot of trouble deciding and reluctantly say black, because she has to pick something that feels ~ultimate~ and ~different~, but she would feel bad even for choosing black, because that's such an obvious color to choose if you're trying to sound different. The color that she actually gravitates toward in purchasing decisions is red, which is a shame because it does not flatter her at all. She thinks that her least favorite color is blue because it is so mild and wishy washy, but that, too, is over-rationalized, and her real least favorite color is probably pea green or something.

Favorite Season? Fall, because it's close to Halloween, and feels so full of potential. Potential for what, you say? Er, maybe some HALLOWEEN MAGIC, what? Okay, she doesn't really know. It just feels full of possibility for SOMETHING. Anyway, her least favorite is winter, particularly the second half, because it's just a cold slog full of nothing toward a distant, distant summer.

Favorite Animal? Ugh seriously, more committing to things, are you some kind of sadist? Obviously she doesn't want to be pinned down to just one animal, that is so limiting, but she supposes she would like to throw in her support for snakes, because of their traditionally negative portrayal in the media. Her least favorite animal is monkeys of any kind, they creep her out.

Do they like television? It depends on if what's on is epic and dramatic or if it's some boring reality TV.

What's their favorite style of music? Dire alternative rock, or its closest relative that still exists. And world music, provided the specific song is ~emotional~ enough.

Have they considered being the gender/sexuality they're not? If she thinks about it too hard, she can question just about any established fact about her identity, but for all intents and purposes she identifies as female. She is largely straight, but this sometimes bores her into supposing otherwise.

Would you say they're "picky"? ...Yes. But she can't seem to choose anything.

Do they alphabetize/color-coordinate their things? If so, which things? No, her only organizational system is that if you can't see it, it no longer exists.

Internet Presence: She is a gossip, grumbler, and general troublemaker who spends way too much time online doing way too little, and can frequently be found sneaking on after curfew to babble at anyone else who's willing to stay up with her. She takes roleplaying rather seriously, but tends to choose character concepts that are overpowered and frankly a little embarassing.

Programs/Services and Screennames: AIM:
Net Handle: Sardonyx
Email: nightstorm@yahoo.com (or whatever is equally silly to a yahoo.com address in the Future)

Play Style: She sees the game as a visual backdrop for her roleplaying hobby, and only levels in order to stay alive in areas she wants to visit. She usually dwindles off around the point where leveling requires thoughtful play instead of grinding.

To RP or not to RP?: Ohhyes.

General Overview: She has had a great deal of trouble deciding who she is, and all of the good things to be seemed very HARD to achieve, and as such has never become particularly good at anything. However, she has an internal drive to be special, and her response to her lack of specialness is to react to the world around her with covert and overt hostility. She is critical, fussy, and overdramatic, but depending on the person dealing with this behavior, she might sometimes be funny enough to get away with it, as she has developed a layer of self deprecating humor to help smooth over her rough edges.

It is ambiguous even to her whether she is hiding extreme egotism under a veneer of self criticism or the other way around -- as she fell out of step with her expectations of herself, she began to assume that other people who managed to rise to the various basic challenges in life must possess some superhuman competance, and in turn, she must be defective. This difficult-to-live-with conclusion has helped to fuel her teenage angst, but hasn't quite stifled her hope that she will stumble headlong into some natural and flattering way to finally define herself.

Flaws: She can be somewhat avoidant, as her general feeling of incompetance makes her timid and reluctant to accept responsibility or take risks. She is having a great deal of (melodramatic) trouble learning to drive a car because it is dangerous and difficult; part time jobs are a challenge for her because of her mopey, withdrawn attitude; and she resists speaking to strangers and is cold to friends. She tends to hide and avoid situations that don't seem likely to result in immediate payoff, and even if they do look profitable, she'll still avoid them if they require too much skill to achieve successfully. However, on occasions when she can get ahold of a friend or co-conspirator to serve as a proxy for confidence and a check for her lack of common sense, she becomes more adventurous and outgoing.

She is nearing the point of needing to choose whether to apply for college, and preferably her application should already be underway. Although she always intended and expected to go, she is putting off thinking about it or working toward it, and is heading toward eliminating the possibility by stalling.

Interpersonally, she can also be very selfish and disagreeable, asking other people for help and advice and acting resentful and ungrateful if they tell her things she doesn't want to hear. She talks about people behind their backs, blowing up minor frustrations into major critiques of their overall patterns of behavior. Considering how often she appears to be in crisis, her resistance to change is likely a source of frustration with her friends.

Quirks: She is half-seriously quite superstitious, and does things like collecting pretty rocks and buying semi precious stone jewelry that is branded as having magical qualities, as well as reading books about how to cast spells with candles, incense, and writing wishes down repeatedly. She doesn't believe in these things -exactly,- she just enjoys the idea of cheap, easy magic you can buy in an outlet mall and use to change your life.

She has a strange relationship with music; on the one hand, she plays the oboe in the school band, and gleefully embraces how terrible she is at it. However, she holds out hope that she is secretly a Musical Genius, and is always composing songs on the synthesizer, which, for better or worse, she likes to share with her friends. She also has a collection of instruments she bought at fairs or got on birthdays that she tried once and was never able to become even passably good at, including but not limited to a harmonica, a hand drum, a guitar, a pan flute, and an accordion. The failure to effortlessly become a brilliant accordionist hit her especially hard.

Three Complimentary Words: Witty, nonconformist, proud
Three True-But-Hard-To-Hear Words: Lazy, weak, naive
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Nova Kylethe

[personal profile] transfer_student 2012-06-23 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Nova Kylethe
PB: Rufus Barma from Pandora Hearts
Level: 71
Class: Alchemist
Build: Combat

Nova originally comes from Everea, where he lived with his father, an alchemist, and his mother, a devotee of the church of Xumurdad. Although his natural aptitude for alchemy hinted at a promising future, Nova met an untimely death at the age of fourteen after following a magic butterfly straight into a quaking bog. However, in a rare twist of fortune, his mother was able to beg his ressurection, allowing him to resume his life as if the embarassing and tragic incident had never taken place.

Rather than viewing this miracle as a rare gift and a sign of the importance of living each moment to the fullest and doing his best to make the world a better place than he found it, he was sufficiently traumatized by his brief experience in the Dark to take the opposite course -- he resolved never to die again.

To that end, he dedicated himself wholly to alchemy, eventually developing a soul transferrence technique that allowed him to bond his soul to his body even after death, and to swap his soul into other people's bodies in order to remain young and healthy indefinitely. Once he perfected the theory, it wasn't long before he tested it out on a living subject, brushing aside his moral qualms with the logic that if he intended to live forever, he did not want to spend eternity chastising himself.

While currently appearing to be a man in his mid-twenties with long red hair and androgynous good looks, he is actually more than three times that age, and is residing in the body of one of his victims. If this sounds a little creepy -- well, it is, but he tries his best to be charming and personable, despite his murderous history. In the end, he actually does believe in living life to the fullest -- he just happens to be living lives that belong to other people.
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Siegmund Heissenrech

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PC as alt:

Player info:
Name: The Guindo
Pronoun: He
E-Mail: theguindo@gmail.com
Other Contact: DW: [personal profile] theguindo, AIM: PianistOfRaielin

Character Basics
Name: Siegmund Sylvester Heissenrech (Shimon ben Chanan)
City: Enghelab München (Munich), Germany
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Biological Sex: Male
Birthdate: October 17
Birthplace: München (Munich), Germany
PB: Shuichi Saito, Uzumaki

Continued at journal
Edited 2012-07-15 06:59 (UTC)
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Re: Lera Savinkov

[personal profile] fearnoreproach 2012-10-07 09:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Acher Ostendramm
PB: Luca Blight, Suikoden II
Level: 64
Class: Paladin
Build: Combat and defense hybrid
Misc: Acher Ostendramm is a nobleman from Everea. He was a marquis over a small border town near Pakerion, called Alderaun. He and his family protected it against bandits and the like. Alderaun does not actually exist in the game, of course; Lera made it up wholesale (or, really, took it from a short story that she wrote). Alderaun was gripped by tragedy ten years ago, when Acher's wife, Dreina, was murdered by his brother, Largo.

Acher was judged to be guilty of murdering his wife. He was stripped of his title and lands, which were given to his brother. Acher, stricken by guilt and anger, was exiled instead of executed (which may well not accord with Everea's laws, but Lera never bothered to find out). He swore himself to the service of Queen Omid (having had his faith somewhat shaken).

Now, he works as a loyal knight to the Queen, one of the few who would side with her over someone else. Acher harbors an immense angry streak, which he tries to keep contained by living honorably in service to the kingdom -- which, to his perception, is all that he has.

He is also built to have a combat and defense build hybrid. Lera uses him to PVP a lot; she gave him a fairly nasty build that combines some defensive cooldowns and good equipment with a lot of heavy burst damage abilities meant to rip through someone's health. His build is awful for raiding, though.
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Chisaki Andrews

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Player info:
Name: Tex
Pronoun: Him
E-Mail: texside@gmail.com
Other Contact: The Tex Side on AIM

Character Basics
Name: Chisaki Andrews
City: San Francisco, CA
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Biological Sex: Female
Birthdate: December 7, 2030
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
PB: Grace Park

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Brown
Height: 5' 1"
Body Type: Slim. Chisaki is generally a pretty small sort, but she put on some muscle after spending the last five months in Zenderael. She still looks pretty tiny, even if she is in good shape.
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos/Piercings and Location: She has a small dragon tattoo on her left bicep, which is about all she's done. She doesn't have any piercings at all (the idea seriously grosses her out). She also has a scar on her left calf, which she picked up in Zenderael, when a monster got her leg with its claws. She considers herself lucky that all she got was a scar from it.
Clothing Style: On Earth, she wore pretty straight forward, functional, and quasi-masculine clothing: lots of button-up shirts, tank tops, and blue jeans. This was not a person who wore dresses very often. On Zenderael, she wears essentially whatever she can scavenge or pick up. She has a ratty button-up shirt from earth and her old leather belt. She also has battered leather armor and pauldrons, along with some beast hides she took.

Summary: Chisaki was born to Japanese-American parents of a lower middle class background in San Francisco. She doesn't speak a lick of Japanese, her family having come over in the earliest part of the twentieth century, but they brought some traditional Japanese names back into the family in the early part of the twenty-first century, on her father's side. If anyone bought the Asian-American stereotype -- super smart, super studious, and with overly critical parents -- she was quick to foil it. Her father worked long hours as a welder, while her mother was not the type to push Chisaki too hard. She proved to be an intense, physical-minded person as a kid. She excelled in sports, especially baseball; she did not give a crap about history or literature, and she suffered through math.

She was, however, friends with a lot of people that were more cerebral, more creative, and actually liked those parts of school. It made her jealous as she got older: not that she wasn't as good at them, but that she never wanted to be as good at them. She felt like something was wrong with her; like she lacked any real ambition and when they left her behind in high school, to continue two years of trade preparation, Chisaki got jealous. Then, she got angry.

She studied to be a mechanic in her last two years of school. It was a simple enough job: she learned to fix the expensive construction equipment that gave a decent standard of living, but was a hands-on technical job. She found a job at a local San Francisco firm when she graduated, which she liked well enough. She made new friends. Then, one day, when she got off work, her and a co-worker named Rob stepped through the door on their way out and into Zenderael.

Internet Presence: She never hung out on forums or anything, much less play Zenderael. She plays games on her X, but mostly first person shooters and the like. Chisaki did use e-mail and AIM quite a bit, though.

e-mail: chisaki.andrews@yahoo.com
AIM: unlikelypets

Obviously, she doesn't use these now that she's in Zenderael.

Class & Zen History: Chisaki and her co-worker were dropped into the middle of one of the worst places possible: Ragefang Vale, a small valley near the Pakerion-Everea border. It was filled with high level, particularly strong monsters, which meant absolutely nothing to two mechanics who had never played a day of Zenderael in their lives. They saw a tree-filled valley filled with hulking monsters that defied reality and common sense.

Chisaki got her first good look at one when it charged them. She bolted and jumped into a tree, scrambling up into the branches and away from it. Her co-worker was not so lucky and she discovered that when a wild animal kills and eats someone, it does not always happen in that order. A few mind-scarring hours later, she climbed down and managed -- mostly by luck -- to sneak her way across the border into Everea. She started to get a sense of what happened, at least enough to know that she was transported into the world of a video game. This shocked her, but she decided rather promptly that she was in some kind of hellish alternate dimension.

She petitioned for a class -- it seemed like a good way to stay alive -- and became a Hunter, shortly prior to the previous Mano's disappearance, making her one of the last to become a Hunter. She spent the last five months in Zenderael. Chisaki has learned to be reasonably self-sufficient there, taking up an adventuring life, though she hardly likes it -- especially seeing parts of the Earth appear there, which reinforces that Something Is Terribly Wrong.

General Overview: Chisaki is not exactly a social butterfly. She is often sarcastic and sometimes caustic; she grew up among a group of friends that highly valued a worldview and skillset she lacked. She never embraced things that required her creative thought processes and never really liked being especially analytical, but she was around people who seemed able to do these things instantaneously, without any problems. Chisaki felt like she was defective, surrounded by people who seemed to be better at thinking than she was. This experience gave her quite a bit of doubt and curbed any chance of developing an ego, even if she excelled in some areas (sports, fixing things, and mechanical knowledge, for instance).

This caused her to backlash against this. She decided to loudly proclaim that these things seemed like silly wastes of time; when her friends left for college and she stayed behind, Chisaki blew them off. She learned to be cutting and sometimes downright mean because she decided her way was right, her interests were best, and they were idiots (even if they never called her this).

Chisaki values being practical and serious. She thinks anything else is a waste of time and resources; she approached her job as a way to get money and she works hard as a result. She sees Zenderael as a dangerous hellhole that she is trapped in and has to protect herself, first and foremost. This makes her downright ruthless at times. These values stem from the experiences in high school; rather than creative energies, high minded ideals, and abstract philosophies, Chisaki values a down-to-earth, functional approach (that is essentially an angry response to problems from her youth).

She can have fun, though. She works hard and plays just as hard; of course, what she finds fun is physical exertion, loud music, and heavy drinking. She isn't an involved conversations type -- she can have a blast in a crowd and say maybe twenty words the entire night.

In short, Chisaki doesn't relate well to people. She is pretty selfish -- she thinks her problems in life were caused by others, missing the fact that they never deliberately insulted her or the like -- and she never really learned how to properly open up to someone and talk to them about her feelings. This stems from thinking there is something wrong with her; she feels like she doesn't relate to people because she is cold and rational, which is ultimately a character defect rather than something to be proud of. This creates a vicious cycle: she isn't good at opening up to people, so she doesn't and blames them for problems, and thus opens up to people less.

That said, she wishes she was a better person, and therein lies the chance she could become one. She knows that a lot of her issues are self-made deep down. Because of this, she tends to be really loyal to the friends she makes (unfortunately, this means she will be hypercritical of them at times, in an effort to help, but she means well). She tries to do the right thing, sometimes, and cheer others up and play a supporting role that she is bad at. She could change, even if she would always be a bit of a sarcastic asshat about it.

Flaws: Chisaki gets angry easily and has little patience. She isn't the passionate, screaming anger sort of person; she's the type to coldly say a few choice words meant to hurt as much as possible. She gets angry over little things and then writes people off, unless she knows them very well, and then later on comes crawling back like it's all okay (and tries to drop the issue, rather than ever address it).

She is also a hardass. She tells it like it is -- and sometimes like it isn't. She was a nightmare to work with; she criticized people's performance, criticized customers' maintenance of their equipment, and criticized her bosses left and right. She expects people to do their jobs well, but since she's a bad communicator, she does not always explain how to do those things.

She is also hard on herself. She'll tolerate awful behavior from herself because she thinks she isn't a very good person -- bad at making friends, bad at relating to people, and even bad at making reasonable moral decisions (because she does what's necessary or is angry, and knows it). She wants to change, but wanting to change and doing the work to change are two very different things. She is good at criticizing herself, but she is not so good at doing something about that self-criticism.

Quirks: Chisaki is a nervous eater. She chews on food when she gets nervous, especially liking snacks and beef jerky and such. Sometimes she's resorted to chewing on twigs and such in Zenderael.

She is also surprisingly still. Despite good metabolism and good conditioning, she hardly ever fidgets, and when she's by herself, she can eerily not move around a lot, especially when focused on something.

She is also disdainful of Zenderael in a generalized sense; she usually keeps it in check, because referring to people as "sprites" would be a really weird thing to do, but she does not regard it as a good place. She sees it as a brutal alternate world, which has killed a lot of people, including her co-worker, and everybody from it is at least kind of a problem. She is not really aware of players yet, but that probably won't go over well at all.

She keeps really bizarre pets. Venomous, ugly, and questionably capable of interacting with people. She had a millipede and an octopus before she got sucked into Zenderael.
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Jamie Howard

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Player info:
Name: Noka
Pronoun: He!
E-Mail: noka.roleplay@gmail.com
Other Contact:
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] rinonoka
AIM: supnamesnoka

Character Basics
Name: Jamie Howard
City: Fall City
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Biological Sex: Male
Birthdate: November 26, 2023
Birthplace: Tempe, Arizona
PB: Mike Bailey (albino pbs are hard ok)

Natural Hair/Eye Color: White/Red
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Lean, skinny, dude. Doesn't eat often and is pretty emaciated because of it. Hasn't really exercised a day in his life.
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos/Piercings and Location:
Piercings: Silver earring in his right earlobe. His left ear is not pierced.
Scars: When nude, he has what appears to be deep, slightly disfiguring knife wound scars on his chest. Typically, his shirt won't come off, even indoors, because of this - not because he's that self conscious about his body, but rather because he's well aware it's vaguely disturbing. He'd rather not freak people out.
Clothing Style: Very covering clothing, though he doesn't take it to the extremes his character does. Think beanies + hoodies + baggy jeans. Whenever at home, the outer layers come off - typically, only his hoodie. He also wears glasses.
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Jamie was born to his family in Arizona with little fanfare on November 26th, 2023. His status as albino was surprising - it actally took a bit of genetic reeducation from the doctor for them to realize exactly why their son looked like a labrat - but they did what they could to facilitate him. In his early years, they gave him love, and he gave love back - however, quietly, his father and mother were disappointed. Jamie, as a child, couldn't do the sports his father loved. He was supposed to perpetually remain covered with clothing, and wearing a ton of extra crap wouldn't have worked well in the practical desert of Arizona. Worse yet was the fact that Jamie was heavily impacted by his albinism - due to a form of astigmatism and blood-vessel bloating in his eyes, he was almost blind without his glasses, working somewhere between 20/200 and 20/400 vision without them. (The reason I bring this up here is the simple fact that he wears glasses that effectively make him able to see. Without them, everything to him is a blur - effectively, if you take away his glasses? He becomes Velma.) This wasn't so much of a problem as a nuisance to his family, at first - it cost quite a lot to get the corrective lenses he needed, and he effectively crushes his father's hopes for a sporty sort of child. They do, however, perservere! They take what they can get - Jamie - and do what they can in his life. And that works! Right up until kindergarten.

In Arizona, a kid who has to be constantly covered - even in the hot summer months - just sort of seemed to invite people to pick on him. In comparison to t-shirts and shorts, he looked strange - he wore clothing that covered him completely, after all. As such, he was an easy target, even failing to consider his albinism, and by the time it was found out he ended up teased about it, as well. Of course, he reported all of this to his parents - but there wasn't anything to be done. Bullies, even when told to stop and punished when they didn't, even so had new fodder: tattletale. It was easy to wreck Jamie's self-esteem, and he had no way of defending himself. In fact, while he still disliked being reminded, he internalized that abuse - in simple terms, he began seeing himself in that negatively critical light the bullies did.

Even while this was happening, he was getting pushed from home, as well. His parents, unsatisfied with what they'd got, began to try and get him to be academic. With poor eyesight and a dreary school life, it wasn't really any wonder Jamie didn't pull the best grades. He excelled in places he wasn't forced to form a group - engineering courses, computer science courses, and even in some cases math. His biggest specialty, ironically, was English: Being able to absorb himself in the telling of a story instead of his life was something he grew to love. He got teased for this, of course, as well, and quickly internalized reading at home instead of in the open. He understood, at the end of the day, that bullies would take whatever they could get: however, he also recognized that a lot of what they were saying was true. However, his parents' academic push and constant bothering to be better nagged at him: as such, they only helped develop his negative view of himself.

In other words, Jamie's perspective of himself was ruined by everyone he knew during that period. He never grew close to his teachers, and grew attached to books and the internet instead of a social life and school. However, this fostered quite a bit of imagination in him - being able to think and imagine through his context - books and a simple source of stories and ideas - although he never quite knew how to express it, until he found the wonderful world of MMOs. Through them and his experiences in them was how he learned about Fall City, and a quick look at it confirmed it was somewhere he'd like to be. People were 'weird in their own way' there - unlike Arizona - and the cold months sounded like a dream come true. That was why, the second he got the cash and the chance, he left without telling his parents. What only helped his decision was an assault by high-school bullies months prior - the source of the knife scars he still holds today - pushing him to leave. It was the first time he'd been bodily attacked, and he was not only scared by it but somewhat shellshocked by the fact they were so willing to do it. He wanted nothing to do with his parents or his bullies, and only his sibling really knew where he'd gone in the first place - he'd sworn them to secrecy, and so far he hasn't ended up with any parents (or bullies, who probably didn't care enough to follow him anyway) knock-knock-knocking at his door. He's fairly sure that he's safe.

Jamie's experiences in Fall City have been nice, if not a little maddeningly open. He's used to being closed off, quiet, and he's still something of an outcast - he can't strip at all in the summer months, and other people being fine enough to take their shirts off? He's not sure how to respond. He currently lives in a small apartment that he keeps actually sparkling clean and organized (obsessively), works at a small electronics/repair shop as the repairman, and casually visits a cafe with closed booths nearby for his lunch break. While he tries, he doesn't know very many people, and really anyone who interacts with him isn't so much his choice as theirs. He's never pushed his friendship on someone, or even initiated a conversation with someone he didn't know in the interest of just talking. Whenever he's addressed someone, it's been because he's playing cashier, he's buying something from a cashier, or he needs to talk about repairs. As such, he has very few friends, and he's very used to being alone. In any case, Jamie's life has really been a plethora of issues, for him. Anyone want to help him get over it?

Albinism Effects:
Don't count this in his background summary, if you would, but. This paragraph's included because Jamie's medical issues would probably bloat his Summary with unnecessary facts, otherwise, right in the middle. First of all, Jamie's type of albinism means he has no pigment, engorged blood vessels in his eyes, and a variation of astigmatism because of this fact. This means he's white-haired, extremely pale, and has red eyes. The biggest problem is his lack of pigment: he literally cannot be in the sun for long, because he has no UV protection. He wears covering clothes, gloves, and hoodies to cover his body, and applies strong sunscreen when he goes out without a verifiable way of keeping his body shaded. Given, the period it takes for him to become overexposed is a few hours (probably the span of time it takes for a person with normal pigment to tan), and as such he isn't altogether as worried about his face as he should. Still, his skin is sensitive to sunlight, and it's not uncommon to see him walking with his head down or his hood pulled far enough that he won't have much if any light hit him. On the note of astigmatism and engorged blood vessels, Jamie survives with perscription glasses. Seeing as his visual acuity is 20/200 to 20/400, his glasses are an extremely strong perscription - he cannot see without them. With his glasses, he does actually have 20/20 vision, however. (In other words, as his bullies have learned: Need to cripple a poor albino? Steal his glasses.) Some side-effects are that he's never been strong at athletics, etcetera. If it requires being out in the sun or seeing properly, he's not very good at it.

Tell me two important memories.
Jamie's first day at school was the worst day of his life. The young 5 year old came home bawling, tears running down his bitty cheeks - his mother and father listened to his story of how people made fun of what he was wearing, with how it was so hot, and when they saw his face - stark white hair, red eyes, they made even more fun - demonizing his appearance all the while. Before the end of the day, he was without anyone who he could really interact with. His parents tried to solve it, but the damage was done: Jamie couldn't help but feel the division between him and his classmates. Even after they were (forced to) apologize, it wasn't as though they felt guilty. And so Jamie was subjected to the sort of torment children think up - stealing things, teasing, bothering. Bullying.

In the end, Jamie had never quite decided if he hated school, American school, or just people. That feeling of not being wanted, of even being resented and disliked for existing... it was hard to shake.

Even if he wasn't sure what he decided to hate?

At the end, Jamie just wanted out.


Jamie wasn't quite sure what made him leave, in the end. Standing in the airport, meager belongings all with him, ticket at the ready. The glowing reviews of the city on the internet, the claim that 'everyone there was their own kind of weird'. He'd never been quite as sure he wanted to see it as now - he, after all, was weird. Dressed in a hoodie, jeans, and a scarf around his face and cheeks before it even really got cold? He confirmed who he was - got a patdown due to 'suspicious wear' - and was quickly on his way out of the state that had hurt him.

What had prompted it? He couldn't be sure. His parents' trying to force him had finally hit the brink of his patience? His bullies assaulting him and causing those deep wounds on his chest - a miracle he hadn't died, apparently, although he'd been sick for almost a month due to his stunted immune system - though his assailants weren't able to be properly found guilty?

He wasn't sure it was any of those things. Jamie just wanted to be free of their voices. Insulting him, belittling him, downright causing him pain - he wanted out.

So he left, with little fanfare and without informing his family, for Fall City.

Family members:
Name: Thomas Howard
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Summary: He loved his son, but really he pushed him to succeed a bit too hard. A big lover of sports, hated that Jamie could never actually participate. Didn't try and stop him moving, but caught wind of it. Tried to get Jamie to try sports with him, but Jamie's stunted eyesight and inability to be in the sun for long ended up being too much of a hassle to ever overcome.

Name: Angie Howard
Gender: Female
Age: 53
Summary: Loved her son a lot, but was rather controlling and really attempted to drive his life for him. Threw a fit when he moved, but ultimately didn't really succeed in dragging him back to Arizona - he never gave her a solid address. Big on cooking, and taught Jamie almost all he knows about that and other housework-type tasks.

He does have a sibling, and if they've followed him to Fall City, he's entirely unaware of it. If you'd like to play them, contact me - I don't think they'd be albino like Jamie, but whatever you want is fine here. Jamie's probably the older brother in the relationship. Bonus points if you give them a personality Jamie has trouble handling. (I'm assuming the sibling is still back in Arizona, just because Jamie is. The sibling's included because a. his parents might have given chase otherwise, and b. he might need a person willing to try and wriggle into his life and drag him from his shell.)

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Character Details

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Ferrus Modena

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Allen Marks

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Player Info:
Name: Hibi
Pronoun: She
E-Mail: jacqueline.bowen@gmail.com
Other Contact: N/A

Character Basics:
Name: Allen Marks
City: Fall City
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Biological Sex: Male
Birthdate: September 25
Birthplace: Fall City
PB: Alex Pettyfer

Natural hair/eye color: Blonde/Brown
Height: 6'2"
Body Type: Tall and lanky
Noticeable Scars/Tattoos/Piercings and Location: None. He was instinctively careful to avoid injury even as a child.
Clothing Style: He may give the initial impression of being fashionable (to an earther) because he dresses a bit more formally than most people his age, slacks paired with sweaters or button down shirts, jackets bought at nice stores, and properly folded scarves when weather allows.

The truth is that he transitioned from his mother dressing him when he was younger to essentially letting store clerks dress him by finding things that look like whatever he already has on. In between, he had a phase where he was terrified to talk to strangers and his real fashion sense (which is none) shined through in the form of basically picking up the first thing he saw in the store that wasn't jeans and a T-shirt or emblazoned with a gaudy logo, regardless of how it fit.

He wears neutral colors: browns, grays, and the occasional deep green, due to a lifelong effort to cultivate invisibility.


A standoffish, by-the-book person, Allen was more or less banking on coasting from birth to death without anything of particular interest happening to him. His family is upper middle class, rich enough for him to have trouble imagining being poor, but not rich enough to self-identify as wealthy. He is occasionally surprised by what constitutes a luxury, and what others don't have. His upbringing was unpretentious -- his mother, a psychologist, was used to seeing people with all types of personalities, experiencing all types of problems, and his father, an orthodontist, partly owes the success of his practice to warmth and approachability.

If Allen had any problem at all, growing up, it might have been a sense of being watched a little too closely and curiously by his mother for signs of aberrant development. Eventually, he obliged her.

Allen was skittish around others, finding no clear rewards from unstructured interaction with his classmates. Looking for an escape, he cultivated solitary interests to give him an excuse to avoid social obligations, or to keep his eyes glued to a book in the company of others. After a few false starts, he settled on astronomy as his preferred area of interest.

This wasn't a perfect fit -- he lacked the strong aptitude in math and science necessary to make a career out of it, nor did his interest extend to science fiction, which tended to toss out every basic fact that was known by even the most casual enthusiasts simply to tell a "better" story.

However, quiet persistence allowed him to develop a respectable grasp of hobbyist astronomy and a layman's fluency in the latest discoveries and theories concerning physics and the stars. When presented with multiple options, he also has a mild to moderate interest in undersea exploration, medical technologies, and geology (particularly caves).

As his tendency to studiously ignore other people solidified in his adolescence, he was eventually diagnosed and treated for mild anxiety/depression and "came out of his shell" somewhat, joining a chess club at school and making an effort to interact with his peers.

This resulted in a handful of casual friendships and one sad little romance with a female chess enthusiast, who herself came away from the experience with several important soul-searching discoveries about not wasting her energy on people who do not truly care for her. Allen, however, learned nothing, and was mildly surprised to see it fizzle.

A bit discouraged by this lackluster foray into humankind, Allen kept himself busy in college, and busier in graduate school, allowing the satisfaction of doing well with formalized interactions with other people to stand in for a ton of effort at seeking out unstructured interactions to fill his free time. He has TA'ed classes and interacts with students and professors without trouble, and even selected a heavily human-oriented profession, as if to prove to himself that he had overcome his difficulties and was fixed, and perhaps ought to be off the hook for further striving.

As a busy young adult still connected to the college community, he is not without people in his life who he could hypothetically meet for lunch (if he were on the same planet), which seems to him to be all that is required to avoid dysfunction by his own internal standards.

Internet Presence: He uses the internet largely as read-only, but does have accounts on a few forums related to his interests.

At the encouragement of a friend, he briefly ran a blog where he would sardonically criticize popular sci fi franchises, but to his knowledge no one ever read it besides a few of his high school acquaintances, and it was abandoned upon graduation.

Class & Zen History: Allen arrived in Zenderael about three weeks ago, landing in the Nenakret by sheer good fortune and finding his way to the World Library, where he was able to learn a great deal about the world he'd been plonked into, heading off the panic that drove some earthers into guilds they wouldn't have chosen in less dire circumstances. When it became obvious that it was possible to become a mage in Zenderael, and what it meant (truly seeing and manipulating reality) there was no other option that would be suitable.

Through dragonmail correspondence, he is attempting to keep his life on the other side in one piece, and still intends to graduate. Due to the adjustment in circumstances, he has had to switch gears on his thesis to something of a more Zenderaen bent.

His parents have sent him numerous care packages, which has been invaluable, if mildly embarrassing. They are so proud of him for blah blah not giving up even though Zenderael.

General Overview:
From a young age, Allen has been naturally solemn, pessimistic, and reserved. Although protective of his dignity to the point of being perceived as stuffy and uptight by others, he isn't proper in a way that speaks to breeding -- it's just reflective of a cautious, serious way of dealing with the outside world, which keeps all things and people at arms' length until they have been carefully evaluated (and then continues to keep them there, just in case). He is not particularly judgmental, and has no expectation of others to behave as he does, although the chaos of extroverted and gregarious people can often make him uncomfortable, and he can be sarcastic as a defense mechanism or a strategy for interaction -- making wry comments gives him some way to react to the outside world other than just watching it in silent indifference.

In adolescence, his caution and disengagement from others developed into a fully realized case of anxiety, which his openminded and practical parents -- his mother herself a psychologist -- had him treated for without any particular hand-wringing, drama, or fanfare. It is now largely under control, although the arms-lengthing continues, arguably a part of his nature, rather than something intrinsically disordered -- obsessing about his differences from others was what kicked off the anxiety to begin with.

He is comfortable with rules and predictable systems, which can sustain him even when he lacks the sort of passion and active interest that would spur others onward in life. He thrived in school, quiet and obedient and diligent and his exposure to cognitive behavioral therapy in his own treatment provided the "inspiration" (read: familiarity) necessary to pursue psychology in his undergraduate and graduate studies, so that he smoothly avoided the uncertainty and worry of not knowing what to do with his life.

He is a person who keeps an even keel, without extreme highs or lows, which has largely served him well and allowed him to lead a pleasant life, but a mild jealousy persists about the raucous world outside himself that he seems to be missing out on. He is sometimes stricken by the affliction of wanting to want things a bit more, and of being guilty for not returning warm feelings in full, particularly from family.

Despite his seriousness, he has a kind of dry humor that comes out when encouraged, and prefers banter to soulful chatting.

Although his devotion to his chosen hobby (and now, his new guild) manifest as mild, he does have an enduring interest in Enormous Questions that has been, if not vibrant, at least persistent and underlying most everything he does. It is almost like he cannot bring himself to seriously involve himself in the daily ups and downs of life until he has taken care of his concerns on the cosmic scope (which are of course insurmountable).

Whether or not it could be considered a flaw that Allen does not cultivate emotional closeness with others, the fact that his life has been pleasant and orderly hides a quiet perfectionism and an unrealistic expectation that he can fully insulate himself from disaster by avoiding unnecessary risk.

He has never needed help when none was available, and has succeeded in avoiding problems and entanglements, and would likely shut down in a crisis once all the obvious solutions had been exhausted. He came close to such a disaster with his appearance in Zenderael, but his luck held out, allowing him to secure a viable life path without needing to do anything dire.

While no longer prone to obsess about mistakes, Allen remains socially awkward, not always knowing the correct response to a situation, and often guessing wrong or simply producing a minimalist response. He is less self conscious about his guessing, now, and more businesslike, considering mistakes necessary, if not pleasant, for getting by at all.

He is also probably a little too cold for his chosen profession, although he is trying to ignore that. The thought that he might not be sufficiently compassionate and mentally healthy himself to help his future clients is worrisome, when it sneaks through.


Allen has very little knowledge of popular culture, and a distrust of fiction. Recommendations from friends allowed him to find a few shows/movies/games he enjoyed (due to good stories and a genuine effort to be realistic), but factual inaccuracies really bother him when he catches them. He feels like rules have been broken that should not be optional. But he's less likely to notice storyline inconsistencies or cliches, and isn't very trope-savvy.

He has secretly wanted to write a proper science fiction story for some time, but has never been able to think of a plot.

He's fussy about his clothing and has so far refused to switch over to a Zenderael style of dress. It's not a fashion or culture thing, he just feels inherently ridiculous in any style he isn't used to. He is also the kind of person who wears street clothes to the beach and won't go in the water. He does not like getting out of his "default" mode.

He wore braces when he was younger, which enhanced, but did not cause, a generalized reluctance to smile under most ordinary circumstances.

Before being Zenderael'd, he was seriously considering a pet, weighing the pros and cons with great gravity. One of the cons: "What if something happens to me? What if I need to take an unexpected trip?" He feels irrationally pleased with himself for not getting one, now.
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Bograak the Foe-Cleaver

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Player info:
Name: Tex
Pronoun: Him
E-Mail: texside@gmail.com
Other Contact: AIM: The Tex Side

Character Basics
Name: Bograak the Foe-Cleaver
Class: Berserker
Age: Early forties.
Gender/Sex: Male
Birthdate: Sometime in spring.
Birthplace: Somewhere in Pakerion's wilds.
PB: Stoick the Vast, How to Train Your Dragon

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Brown, Green
Height: 6' 6" or so.
Body Type: Massive. Bograak is a wall of muscle, with a giant beer belly. He has a huge beard and he can rock the hardcore barbarian look like no one else. His baking apron is 4XL sized. He's merely not quite Rasmus-sized.
Appearance Misc: Nyet.

Summary: Bograak the Foe-Cleaver hails from the northern wilds of Pakerion. His father, Hembuuk, was merely the Foe-Cleaver before him. His line, given its lack of a last name, called the eldest male fighter the Foe-Cleaver. Everyone else was their relative. His was a simple upbringing: lots of axe swinging, some practice with a simple round shield, and learning to be a brutal but defensive fighter. The Foe-Cleaver protects his allies, while cleaving foes.

When he came of age, he was tasked with the six things he had to do to claim his title. The tasks were the typical things one would expect of him, given by his father: slay a hundred crocobears, fight an immense dragon, drink a thousand mugs of ale, and the like. Bograak really didn't remember the three that came after the thousand mugs of ale. He became the Foe-Cleaver, then, and set off on a life of bloody adventure and awesome drinking!

Except... Bograak also learned he liked to bake. He tried his hand at it when he was in the Undertow; he never really knew why he did. He just knew he liked to bake cakes for people. He liked the happy looks on their faces, the utter surprise when his massive frame darted across the Undertow to present a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting on it.

He ended up on Earth while hunting crabs -- and dropped down with them into Underwood. This is, incidentally, when he gained awareness. He doesn't quite understand what happened; he has been roaming Bastantown ever since, after a cop gave him a ride. He has also been trying Earth's fantabulous cakes.

And loving them.

PC Information and Roleplay History: Bograak was a level 100 defensive Berserker who was main tank for his league. He was roleplayed sometimes, but a really simple personality: basically honorable, loves the ale, and likes smashing things. Except, he also did cooking for food-related buffs for his guild's raids. His player, Sebastian, made this an IC joke; the massive, muscled Bograak liked to bake.

In fact, about sixty percent of his scenes were jokes about how much Bograak loved to bake.

Sebastian was from New York. He died on IC Wednesday, when his apartment building collapsed during the merge.

General Overview: Bograak is a very simple fellow. He has big appetites and big mirths. He loves to eat, drink, and smash things with his axe. This is a man who finds joy in life and doesn't ask a lot from it; he is happy because he is not very complicated in his thought processes. Specifically, he is proud of his past; he considers the Foe-Cleaver to be a title he earned and a powerful charge to protect people. He has a good sense of humor, loves a good laugh, and he is honorable.

Of course, becoming real threw a wrench into that. It's not that Bograak is unhappy, per se; he likes protecting people and smashing skulls as much as he ever did. But now, when he reflects on the happiness people feel when he bakes things, Bograak sees that he can make something and feel rewarded because of creating, not just mindless violence.

It bothers him. He wants more out of life, now; he wants that feeling.

Bograak is still a simple guy, though. He is not smart, nor is he patient. He is used to getting things quickly -- a wall of muscle is brought ale and meat when he demands it, damn it! He does not like complicated things or slow things, like bureaucracy. He also is not exactly a problem-solver.

Personality keywords: brave, brash, loud, good-humored, thoughtful, simple-minded
Flaws: impatient, short-tempered, wants more, stupid
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Player info:
Name: Chibale

Character Basics
Name: Tavan Rakhsha
Class: Rogue
Age: 15
Gender/Sex: Male
Birthdate: April 1st
Birthplace: Kakoresh (small, lake-side city in Pakerion)
PB: Toby Regbo

Natural Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Blue
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Slender, youthful. He's a scraggly kid, but pretty quick and agile.
Appearance Misc: He has a collection of random scars from street fighting, but nothing overly obvious.
He does his best to disguise being a rogue, even in Zenderael.


Born in Kakoresh, Tavan never had it easy. Even before his mother died, her job as a waitress at the local tavern barely put food on the table, and with his father already dead before he'd even been born, his mother's passing left him with no one. He was only five when he found himself alone, his home claimed by the city to be resold, leaving him out on the street with little more than the clothes on his back.

At first it was difficult. He wound up begging for scraps just to stay fed, sleeping in an alley amidst the trash so no one would spot him, fending off the bigger street kids when they tried to steal his warmer clothing. Things got easier as he learned the layout of the city and where the best places to hide were, and his small size meant he could slip through narrow spaces easily. He learned how to twist and bend to make himself smaller, built up his agility and speed, and started learning how to pick pockets.

Over the next few years, he wound up befriending a few other kids, older ones who were better at what he wanted to learn. They took him on and taught him what they knew, what targets to hit, how to talk himself out of trouble. They shared good hiding places, helped each other out with food when times were tough, and started running 'heists', where one of the bigger kids would cause a fuss while Tavan snagged goods and snuck off during the distraction.

A few years later, one of their group vanished. None of them were sure where he'd gone, or why, but a year after his disappearance, he returned, with new tricks to show off. He'd joined the rogues, and come back to try to recruit his friends into the guild. Tavan was curious, and grew more interested as time went by.

Then things started to get strange. Rumours came in of all the events going on, of Earth and the people there, of the strange Earth buildings showing up in Zenderael, of Zenderean people and places vanishing. Tavan grew ever more curious, and started saving up what coins he could to pay for warps to go out and explore these things. It wasn't until the servers went down that he wound up actually joining the Rogue guild, and then he needed training before he could go out and use his new-found gifts. Once the war hit, his desire to go out and explore started to wane - especially once the rogues joined on with Aerveas. Tavan doesn't agree with what Aerveas is doing, and though he'd never voice such publicly, he would much rather stay as far away from the war as possible, so he used his lack of training and experience as an excuse not to be an active participant. He did, however, manage to pick up a tablet and phone while with the guild.

His training focused on stealth, silver-tongue, and agility, with some dagger training thrown into the mix in case it was needed. He's honed his thieving abilities to be able to steal things in plain sight without being noticed, blending into the crowd afterwards so as to not be seen once they realize something's missing.

Tavan continued his training for a while before returning to Kakoresh, where he met up with the rest of the group, most of which were rogues by this point. It was shortly after his return to Kakoresh, and during a training session with his older friend who'd joined the rogues a few years prior, that he suddenly found himself on Earth. He'd been using his tablet to do research and knew about Bastantown, so when he asked where he was and was told Fall City, he immediately recognized the need for discretion. It was unlikely anyone would be very welcoming to a rogue, what with the war.

PC Information and Roleplay History:


General Overview:

Tavan is a friendly if inexperienced sort. He tries to endear himself to people by being super polite and playing up on his youth, appearing as just a sweet kid who respects his elders and wants to stay out of trouble. He may even appear helpful, offering aid to those who seem to need it, such as carrying bags for someone who's struggling with them, helping someone who seems lost to find where they're headed, offering to help people find what they're looking for, be it a shop or an item. His friendliness isn't actually much of a deceit - he really is friendly and would like to make some actual friends - but he doesn't expect anyone to want a rogue for a friend, so he doesn't put any weight into early friendships.

He is used to making do. Tavan spent most of his life doing just that, sleeping wherever was convenient, eating what was available, staying out of the way and keeping quiet when it seemed he'd be a nuisance. He's kind of a push-over in that regard, and once he does build up a friendship with someone, it would be fairly easy to get him to do things.

Street violence was common in Kakoresh, and Tavan was in fights often enough that he wound up building up a high pain tolerance. Scrapes and bruises don't even bother him, and anything short of a broken bone likely wouldn't phase him. Not that he enjoys fighting - he'd rather talk his way out of a fight or flee to safety than get beaten - but if it came to it, he could hold his own in a brawl. Once weapons come out, however, he's in trouble - his combat training is not great, and he's only really experienced with throwing knives. Melee that requires serious defence is a weakness, and he'll do anything in his power to get away rather than try to fend off an attacker who seems to actually want him dead.

He is loyal to a fault. His friends in Kakoresh were his family, and he would do anything for them. Fortunately that never needed to be tested fully - while street fighting was common, it rarely resulted in serious injury, let alone death. While he can brush off early friendships easily, once they show themselves to be actual friends and not just passing acquaintances, he will become loyal to them.

His guild, however, has earned his loyalty simply by association. Guild loyalty is something he takes seriously, and that causes some distress - he wants to do good by them, but at the same time disagrees with their allegiance to Aerveas, and considers himself lucky to have avoided being called into service once the war started, as it meant not having to choose between his own ideals and his guild. He's actually thankful for being on Earth because of this, as it means he has to focus more on self-preservation than his guild.

Tavan is easily entertained and enjoys simple things. He prefers ale over liquor or cocktails, and a sandwich is far more enjoyable than a big, fancy dinner. Suits may look good, but he'd only wear one if pressured into it, instead sticking to simpler clothes. He'll wind up wearing a lot of t-shirts and jeans, especially t-shirts with cute pictures on them. He has no use for material possessions - perhaps a bit odd, being a rogue, but those things were almost always sold off or given away rather than kept for himself. Outside of his clothes, a few throwing knives, and his tablet and phone (which he acquired for curiosity's sake more than anything), he had nothing of his own.

He's quiet, and not very sociable. There's no anxiety behind it, but when in a group larger than three or four, he winds up going into invisible mode, where he tries to blend in and go unnoticed. It's just how he's used to behaving. He never makes himself the center of attention, is rarely loud, and would never call anyone out on strange behaviour.

Online, however, he will find himself more open, possibly even obnoxiously so. He has an expressive personality, and while he's accustomed to not being very expressive in real life, being able to break from that online will be somewhat liberating. (Which may also affect how he acts offline.)

He can be pretty impulsive, doing something once the idea's come up without actually thinking it through. His friends usually supported him in these sudden plans, rushing off to accomplish them with him - it often resulting in fights, or fleeing rather quickly, but it was fun! It can be difficult to dissuade him from following through with a plan once he decides to go through with it because of this - his plans were never bad! Just poorly executed, maybe.

Faith-wise, he is a firm follower of Vante and Vepha, but especially Vante. He accepts that you can't have the one without the other, and while he puts a lot of faith in Vante, takes whatever misfortune is thrown his way in stride, being respectful of Vepha. Shit happens, so to speak, and can often times be hilarious, and when it isn't, well, that's life.

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